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This kit allows you to turn your regular snowboard into an Iceboard for riding on glare ice and mixed ice/snow conditions for kiting!

Heelside riding requires a (3) blade kit

Toeside+heelside requires (6) blades, or two kits.

(3) Blade Kit Includes

  • (3) Mounting Hardware kits
  • (3) Brackets (Aircraft Aluminum)
  • (3) Blades (Sharpened, Hardened & Nickel Plated)
  • Instructions for modification




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9 reviews for Ice Carver Kit
  • Sean Conway

    I have been kiteboarding and snowkiting for a decade with my home base in Michigan. Too often there is good ice on the lakes, but no snow for me to snowkite on my snowboard… until this year! These ice blades now allow me to enjoy a session without any snow. The setup is game-changing and so much fun. With my heal-side edge set up with three blades, I can set a hard edge, so slide turns and go fast! Highly recommend this setup…. Wouldn’t change anything. Thank you Marc!

  • Eric Taylor

    The best product for a typical midwest winter available. 3 blades will get you heel side, but I would go for a total of 6 blades to have both heelside and toeside. This works much better than a single center blade. It works in pure ice, in ice and snow and even pure snow. Great for kiteboarding curves, turns, transitions, jumps, all the regular tricks you do on water you can now do on ice (but don’t crash it hurts). If you kiteboard and it’s winter, this product is worth it. Instead of shelling out money for those expensive lift tickets while you wait for it to snow, get back on the ice this winter and have fun! Disclosure: I’m a friend of Marc, and have been using these sorts of iceblades on snowboards for a long time. This is the best one yet.

  • JLo

    It’s great! We have no snow right now, so the regular snowboard is pretty much useless for snowkiting here. But we have frozen lakes, and now with the added grip and control of the blade kit, I can have fun outside again. Despite my apprehension, riding with the blades on ice was very intuitive for me and felt similar to snowkiting. Get out and ride!

  • Frank Christopher

    These things are a game changer for kiting in the winter. This product let’s you kite on solid ice with lots of grip. Would highly recommend! Great job Marc!

  • Kevin Kircher

    Bought these to ride glare ice with kite and have good grip on those days when the snow isn’t stuck to the ice. I got the full kit, 3 blades heelside and 3 blades toeside. Amazing grip in all conditions, transitioning to toeside carving is nice and seamless. Get ready for the fastest board speeds you’ve ever seen. Also quite comfortable to just cruise. Blade placement is important, follow setup sheet.

  • Ron Lendon

    Progress report: Wednesday I started at Anchor Bay and was using your blades mounted flush to the bottom and edge. Nice progressive feel even on soft ice. I probably need to make the front to rear blades parallel but it works good enough as it is. The concave cut makes a desirable difference, gives you more control of the hook up. I tried two versions on my board knife edge blades and hollow ground blades, my impressions: hollow ground good, knife edge not so much.

  • Frank Schwartz

    (verified owner)

    Incredible product! Using these on ice with a snowboard is actually more fun than snowkiting. For me, the ride is much faster and it is easier to go upwind. No more waiting for the right combination of snow and wind. These will more than double my time on a board during the Winter. Thanks Marc!

  • Chris Niessen

    Thanks to this kit, kiteboarding season never stops!
    It just works, easy to adjust.
    Really good grip, at the same time you can also carve and not topple over so don’t be afraid that it’ll bite into the ice too hard. Highly recommend!

  • Brett Infanti

    I’m an Aussie currently residing in Ohio. Have many years experience of kitesurfing, foiling etc and snowkiting. . I tripped over Marc and the ice-blades on local FB pages and decided to try them out. Went for the full six-pack, both edges and had plenty of support and advice on how to fit them to my own board. Was super easy to do. Had one weekend in Michigan riding on very good clean ice and I was blown away by how well the blades allow you to ride just like you would on snow. Normal carving turns and edge to edge transitions just feel natural. Having this ability to snowboard on ice is an amazing feeling. Totally awesome product. 5/5.

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