Kiteboarding on Ice!

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  • Ice Carver kit for modifying snowboards to work on Ice
  • Recommended Board size: 140-165cm
  • Recommended Board Stiffness: Medium to very stiff
  • Recommended Board type: Camber, flat, and Rocker are OK. Large radius sidecut preferred.
  • Blade Edge: 3/4-1″ Hollow-grind. Can be sharpened by most Ice Arenas or Ice Hockey sporting goods stores, or by us!
  • Comes as a (3) blade set for heelside riding or (6) blades for heelside & toeside riding


Q: How does this work?
A: A set of blades are robustly mounted to the edge of a snowboard in a way that utilizes the flex of the board and the grip of the blades to mimic the same feeling as Kiteboarding with a twintip, but on ice!

Q: What conditions does it work best in?
A: The Ice Carver Ice Kiting kit is not sensitive to ice types (glare ice, patchy, textured, crusty, snow-covered etc.) Great for inconsistent conditions that are otherwise unrideable (session saver).

Q: Is it hard to install?
A: If you are handy with a measuring tape, drill, and basic hardware assembly, installation should take about 1hr. Installation is also available locally in Michigan or by shipment. Visit the contact page for details.

Q: I am a kiter but have never ridden on the ice, is there a learning curve?
A: There is virtually no learning curve, but new conditions can be challenging at first. Ice kiting requires lots of protective padding, ice screws, retractable ice picks etc. Be observant as there are many obstacles that exist on the ice that do not exist on the water.

Q: Boosting?
A: The Ice Carver will ride, turn, carve, and edge just like you would on the water, but keep it under control, a fall from any height above the ice can be extremely dangerous.

Q: Upwinding?
A: Upwind angle is similar or better than on a hydrofoil. Make sure to gain some speed before you carve upwind, many first time riders stall out from habit of carving hard upwind too early.  

Q: Can I take these on the slopes? Are they removable?
A: It is not recommended to keep these on at a ski slope with chairlifts, they may not allow you on with “non-standard equipment”. The hardware allows for quick removal/assembly of the entire bracket and blade. Most users have a dedicated board for IceKiting and another for downhill.